Our Features

You won’t find any other legal software that’s uniquely created for collaborative cases. The first in its field, Collaborate Florida is easy to navigate, offering features that are specifically designed to keep your collaborative cases organized, accessible, transparent, and secure.

Private communication is essential to collaborative cases. A secure messaging system allows you to send emails and texts to the collaborative team, and those messages can only be viewed when team members are logged into Collaborate Florida.

  • Emails are encrypted for the protection of sensitive information
  • Receive notifications for new messages via email or through the app
  • Clients can only message their own attorneys or the rest of the team
  • Send and receive messages any time of day
  • Collaborative rules built into the system mean that clients cannot accidentally email opposing attorneys

View information about collaborative team members at a glance. Each team member’s name, contact information, role on the team, and photo is displayed here.

  • Only the admin for the case can add and delete team members
  • Team members can personalize their profile and adjust notification settings

A collaborative case has many moving parts, and your To-Do List helps you stay on top of the parts you’re responsible for and keeps the case moving forward.

  • Receive notifications for new tasks
  • View all tasks at-a-glance
  • Assign tasks to other team members

Our Calendar feature allows you to privately view all meetings, deadlines and other important dates related to your collaborative case.

  • Receive notifications for calendar events
  • Invite other teammates to calendar events
  • Categorize your event (Group Meeting, Court, etc)
  • Auto-populate to-do list

By far the most-used and most essential feature, Documents allows team members to upload all case-related documents to one secure place, where they can be viewed by all members of the team. Not only does this feature make your collaborative case more transparent, it saves all team members a considerable amount of time during the information gathering phase of the process.

  • Built-in instructions guide team members on what documents must be uploaded
  • Team members receive notifications when uploads are completed
  • Eliminates the need to keep paper files on a collaborative case
  • Documents can be downloaded and printed directly from the app

This additional document collection tool organizes and presents options for each case, allowing collaborative professionals to view and approve them before passing them on to clients to consider.

  • Includes a Goals section, which helps spouses be accountable to each other during the collaborative process
  • Gives clients access to all scenarios and options in one place
  • Eliminates the need for clients to hunt through emails that aren’t secure

Within Collaborate Florida, all information related to parenting is stored in one place, so team members can easily access information.

  • Upload parenting class certificates, child support worksheets, and parenting plan documentation
  • Exchange possible timesharing calendars with the team

The Discussion Board is designed to facilitate collaborative discussions that address concerns and tap the expertise of the professionals on the team.

  • All team members have access to post and view
  • Discussions are privately contained within Collaborate Florida and cannot be seen outside the team
While Collaborate Florida is easy to use, team members that are new to our software will have questions on its functionality. Our comprehensive FAQ and Help sections gives you instant access to the answers you need. Have more questions? We’re happy to help. Get in touch with us at (407) 900-7867 from 9-5 EST, or any time at [email protected]

Read more about our security measures we’ve taken to protect your data here.