Why Collaborative Florida works for Clients?

Collaborate Florida online software is the secure option for collaborative professionals and clients, designed specifically to support the collaborative process from start to finish.

Collaborative practice is a voluntary dispute resolution process used to settle family law cases and civil and commercial lawsuits in the areas of probate, health care, construction, and other areas of business.

If you’ve chosen collaborative practice to resolve your family or civil case, you’re already on the path to achieving an agreement with less stress and conflict, and without appearing in court.

If you’re reading this page, your attorney may have provided you with a login for Collaborate Florida, a website designed to facilitate and organize every aspect of your case.

In collaborative practice, you sign a participation agreement describing the nature and scope of the matter. Then, the team establishes ground rules for participation, which include listening actively and avoiding the assessment of blame. This open posture cultivates a transparent dialogue, which is supported by the total security and privacy offered by the Collaborate Florida platform. As you identify and prioritize your interests and concerns, the team works to create multiple settlement options to accomplish those goals. The options are presented to you via the Option Builder feature.

The production process requires that you voluntarily disclose all information which is relevant and material to your case. You upload the needed documents to the Collaborate Florida platform, assured that they can only be accessed and viewed by your collaborative team.

The guidelines for the collaborative process were fully integrated into the development of every Collaborate Florida feature, and clients who use our app benefit in the following ways:

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