About Collaborate Florida

Legal disputes are too often disruptive for everyone involved, both financially and emotionally. The litigation process exacerbates this by creating entrenched positions, damaging relationships, and imposing ineffective solutions. That’s where collaborative law comes in. In March 2016, the Florida legislature passed HB-967, the “Collaborative Law Process Act,” which supports the out-of-court settlement of divorce, paternity, and other family law cases. Now more than ever, a digital solution is needed to manage collaborative cases.

The Collaborate Florida online platform is the only secure option for collaborative professionals and clients, designed specifically to support the collaborative process from start to finish.

Collaborative practice is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution process frequently used in the family law arena and equally applicable in civil and commercial matters such as shareholder disputes, probate contests, health care conflicts, construction claims, and other business damage claims. To organize collaborative cases, professionals use Collaborate Florida as a hub that facilitates communication, streamlines document production, and is only accessible by the collaborative team. Collaborate Florida’s features encourage transparency while allowing professionals to guide clients through the collaborative problem-solving phases of information gathering, option building, and final decision making. Our security features ensure that sensitive information is exchanged and housed in an encrypted environment, far from the vulnerabilities of traditional email or document storage.

In collaborative practice, the parties sign a participation agreement describing the nature and scope of the matter. They voluntarily disclose all information which is relevant and material to the matter that must be decided, and agree to use good faith efforts in their negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. The process does away with the old and ineffective positional bargaining model (think “used car salesman”). The guidelines for the collaborative process were fully integrated into the development of every Collaborate Florida feature, and professionals who use our application give positive feedback like this:

“Collaborative practice is an innovative and creative way to amicably work with families and neutral professionals, and the Collaborate Florida application is an organized way to move through the collaborative process. One of my favorite features is the Email tool, which is an excellent way for me to securely interact with my clients and the rest of the collaborative team. Collaborative practice is the wave of the future, and the website makes it easily accessible.”

Rebecca Palmer, Palmer, Weiss, Grunor & Barclay, Orlando, FL

Collaborate Florida was designed by Adam T. Magill, MBA, CBA, CVA, MAFF, and his collaborative team, who have a long and established history working in collaborative cases. Through their experience, Magill and his team understand how attorneys, financial experts, and mental health professionals or facilitators manage their cases, and to help their clients negotiate mutually acceptable resolutions by maintaining open communication and information sharing.

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